Changing the Forecast Result

You cannot directly change the forecast values which were calculated by the system. You can only do this by means of a corrected value. This is necessary in the following cases:

To change the forecast values, follow the steps as described below:

  1. Either start from the menu screen of the forecast:
  2. Select Individual forecast ® Change, then enter the material number and the plant and press ENTER . The Parameter Overview screen now appears.

    Alternatively, you can start from the reprocessing list:

    In this case, you select the material you want by selecting, Choose . In this way you also arrive at the Parameter Overview screen.

  3. To call up the forecast values calculated by the system, select Goto ® Forecast values.
  4. The Forecast Values screen then appears.

  5. You make the changes to the forecast values calculated by the system here. To do this, you enter the corrected values in the Corrected value field for each period which the system is then to use in a future planning run .
  6. After you press ENTER , the system sets an indicator in the Fx field which specifies that the forecast values are fixed and will no longer be automatically changed during subsequent forecast runs.

    If you want to fix the forecast values without entering corrected values, then you must manually select the Fx column. Once again, the values will no longer be changed during subsequent forecast runs.

  7. Save the changed values with Forecast ® Save.

It is also possible to store correction factors for different periods in Customizing. The system uses these correction factors to weight the forecast values as well as the past consumption values.