Locating BAPIs Using the BAPI Browser

SAP Business Objects and their BAPIs are managed within the Business Object Repository (BOR) in a structure based on the hierarchy of the R/3 business application areas.

You can use the BAPI Browser to display all those SAP Business Objects in the application hierarchy for which BAPIs have been implemented.

To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to the R/3 System.
  2. Choose Tools ® Business Framework ® BAPI Browser. Alternatively, you can enter the transaction code BAPI in the command field of the SAPgui. This brings you to the BAPI Browser view of the BOR, which displays all Business Objects with BAPIs in the R/3 application hierarchy.
  3. Expand the node and sub-nodes for any business application area until you reach the level at which Business Objects are attached. Business Objects are identified by a yellow circle to the right of the Business Object name.
    Only those Business Objects are displayed for which BAPIs have been implemented.
  4. Double-click a Business Object to open it. The nodes Key fields and Methods are displayed.
  5. Expand the node Methods to display a list of all BAPIs available for this Business Object type. You can view documentation describing each BAPI by selecting the information icon.
  6. To display a list of the object's key fields, expand the node Key fields. You can view documentation describing each key field by selecting the information icon.

Choose Utilities ® Color key for information about the meaning of the individual icons in the BAPI Browser.

Once you have located the BAPI you want to use, you need to determine the parameter information that you must specify in your application program to invoke the BAPI.

This is described in Determining Required Parameter Information.