Reposting Internal Activity Allocation


The reposting of internal activity allocations is posting aid that adjusts any incorrect postings for the internal activity allocation.

If you want to make an adjustment to internal activity allocations, you no longer need to first reverse the relevant document by entering the document and then make an adjustment posting.


You can only carry out a reposting of internal activity allocation when you have already executed an activity allocation, which you now want to adjust.


You select the internal activity allocations that are to be reposted on a selection screen and then process them. This makes it possible, for example, to:

The changed document rows are checked by the system and the data, provided it contains no errors, is updated in one workstep.

Through a reference document number, the system creates a reference between the document from the source activity allocation and the adjustment document.

You can only post direct internal activity allocations, which have been posted in Controlling. You cannot repost activity allocations that were not posted in Controlling.

You can only repost those project confirmation documents in CO, which are related to activity allocation.

You can only repost the documents from time recording using cross-application time sheets in CO, which relate to activity allocation. You can use background processing to post the time records to CO (see: Work Time Sheet).

You have the option of reposting the internal activity allocation to a different period. Due to the negative activity flow between the old receiver and the sender, the old receiver may contain a negative quantity.

For non-period-related internal activity allocations, you should therefore use a cumulative activity price, as other activity price calculations would lead to incorrect results (see: Actual Activity Price Calculation).

If you are using reposting of internal activity allocations together with predetermination of fixed costs (see: Predetermination of Fixed Costs) and the sender is participating in the predistribution, it depends on the receiver whether the overall costs or only the variable costs should be allocated (see: Direct Activity Allocation).


You carry out the reposting of internal activity allocation in two steps:

  1. Select the internal activity allocations that you want to repost (see: Select Internal Activity Allocations).
  2. Enter the repostings and execute them (see: Reposting Internal Activity Allocations)