Making a Detailed Confirmation

If you want confirm additional data to Production Planning, beyond the inspection point quantities and the target activities, you can call up the screen for making a detailed confirmation for the production order. In this screen you can record such supplementary information as actual times and personnel data.

To make a detailed confirmation, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose Confirmation details.
  2. The system displays the screen for making the confirmations for the production order. The quantity data for the inspection point has been copied into this screen.

  3. If you want to record additional production planning data, choose ENTER to gain access to the fields on the screen which you will need to make the confirmations.
  4. Enter the data you want to confirm. Among other data, you can confirm the following information:
  5. Quantities (yield, scrap, rework)

    Activity data

    You can confirm the completed activities such as the setup or machine times.

    Posting date

    The system records a posting date for each confirmation. The system automatically proposes the current date as the posting date, however, you can enter another date, if desired.


    You can confirm when the setup, processing and tear down activities for the operation were started or ended.

    Personnel data

    You can, for example, confirm the personnel number for an employee that carried out the operation or the number of employees that carried out the operation.


    You can record both a short and long text to describe the confirmation activities.

    For detailed information on how to record a confirmation, refer to the section Confirmations in the online documentation PP - Production Orders.

  6. After you have entered all of the data, choose Goto ® Back to return to the screen for the valuation and partial lot assignment.