Article-Oriented Master Data


The scenario describes the creation and maintenance of articles and merchandise categories.

The following R/3 components are used:

R/3 component


Logistics basic data

Creating merchandise categories and merchandise category hierarchies

Reclassifying merchandise categories

Creating and deleting articles

Reclassifying articles

Process Flow

Merchandise category

  1. You create the merchandise category hierarchy levels by maintaining basic data for the merchandise category hierarchy level in question.
  2. You assign merchandise category hierarchy levels (top-down assignment).
  3. You create merchandise categories by maintaining the basic data for the merchandise category and a merchandise category article for the merchandise category.
  4. You assign a direct merchandise category hierarchy level to the merchandise category and select merchandise category articles as required.
  5. Article processing

  6. You define the article type and category and assign the article to one merchandise category.
  7. You define the organizational levels and the views you wish to maintain.
  8. You maintain the master data for the views selected.
  9. Reclassification

    8 You reassign articles, merchandise categories and merchandise category hierarchy levels to new positions within a merchandise category hierarchy.

    Article discontinuation

  10. You discontinue an article for a particular:

and delete the article.