Initializing APIs

Function module CALO_INIT_API is for initializing the API environment. All transfer parameters have default values.

If you want to use APIs for classes, variants, BOMs, and engineering change management, you must call this module first.


(Database log on)

Default: X


(Transfer messages to internal table)

Default: X


(API called by API
® collect messages)

Default: Space


Collect messages

Default: Space


External log number (see transaction SLG1)

Default: API


Number of days after which DB log is deleted

Default: 10


Character for resetting data field to initial value

Default: !


If indicator Database log or indicator Transfer messages is selected, messages produced by APIs are written to local memory.

If indicator Database log is selected and indicator Collect messages is not selected, each API writes a log entry to the database that contains all messages.

If indicator Collect messages is selected, the messages are collected until the application program calls the "Write log" API.

If indicator Collect messages is not selected (= SPACE), the local log memory is initialized at the start of each API.
If indicator Collect messages is selected, the API user must read the log entries as required and initialize the log interface.

If you have entered a number of days after which the database log is deleted, the log cannot be deleted before this number of days has passed. If you enter the value "-1", you can delete the log immediately.