Form of the X Function Groups

Function module exits and their function groups ('X function groups') are created partly by SAP and partly by the customer.

For this reason, X function groups are treated differently from "normal" function groups when you generate and transport them.

Generating an X function group Xaaa:

As well as the include statements INCLUDE LXaaannn, the sysem also generates include statements INCLUDE ZXaaannn. These are created as required by customers (the function group Xaaa is syntactically correct, even if not all of the includes ZXaaannn exist). Each function module contains an include statement INCLUDE ZXaaaUnn. This is where customers enter their own ABAP code. The main program also contains further include statements INCLUDE ZXaaannn for customers' subroutines, modules and global data.

Transporting an X function group Xaaa:

Only the parts of the function group created by SAP can be delivered to customers, so only these parts are stored in an SAP development class. The TADIR entry for the function group is R3TR FUGS Xaaa. If you enter R3TR FUGS Xaaa in a transport request, all of the SAP parts of function group Xaaa (including includes) are transported.

Each customer include has its own TADIR entry (R3TR PROG ZXaaannn (...)). All other customer parts (screens, text elements, user interface) are grouped together in the TADIR entry R3TR FUGX Xaaa. This means that you can transport these parts (without the ZXaaannn includes!) by entering R3TR FUGX Xaaa in a transport request.