Includes (Table Enhancements)

This component allows customers to add extra fields to transparent SAP tables or SAP structures.

The system creates an include in the SAP tables or structures for the customer fields. The name of the include must begin 'CI_', and it is stored in the customer namespace. The include itself is not active in the standard system, but you can create it for test purposes. However, since the include is in the customer namespace, you can only create it in a test development class, and it is never delivered to customers.

Customers create the include as required, fill it with fields, and activate it. They then do not need to modify the SAP table. In an upgrade, the fields in the include are automatically added to the new SAP version of the table. Because the fields are rearranged in the database, there is no conversion, even if the SAP version of the table contains new fields before the include, or if the customer adds new fields to the include.

If you can reasonably predict that customers will need to add fields to a table as part of an enhancement, you can make the include a component of the SAP enhancement. The customer can then edit it using Transaction CMOD, just as he or she would edit any other enhancement component.

Since the includes are coded entirely by the customer, you only need to declare it as a component of a SAP enhancement. You should note the following: