Salary Administration

This functionality will be replaced by functionality contained in the Compensation Management component as of 4.0C. The salary administration functionality is being supported in the current release for customers that are already using it.

SAP recommends that new customers use the functionality provided in the Compensation Management component to administer salaries.


Salary Administration is a flexible method of carrying out employee pay raises. It enables you to automate compensation management based upon the performance and compa ratio of the employee. This functionality can be used for selected individuals or groups of employees.

This functionality enables you to administer ccompensation to your employees in the most flexible manner possible. Not only can you allocate pay raises according to the various remuneration and performance of employees, you can also do this within a specific budget due to the interactive nature of the Proposal report.


The Salary Administration component consists of three major parts that represent the clear logical stages in the implementation of a pay raise:

A matrix is the graphic representation of the proposed percentage pay increases. These are plotted in the matrix of employee performance against compa. These percentage values are then used by the proposal report to assign the pay raise to the employee(s).

The proposal report displays the current salary and that proposed by the matrix. This matrix proposal can be confirmed or overridden. A proposal record can be created and used by the release report.

The release report takes the proposal record and updates employee basic pay records (infotype 0008) which can then be accessed by payroll accounting.

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