Creating a Matrix


A matrix is essential for you to carry out Salary administration. From time to time you may need to create a new one, for example if your company’s compensation policy changes substantially. A finished matrix may look something like this.


  1. Enter the transaction code PA97.
    You will see the first matrix screen.
  2. Enter the compensation modifier, matrix ID and validity dates of the new matrix.
  3. Choose Maintain.
    You branch into the matrix description screen.
  4. Enter the matrix description in words.
  5. If the matrix values are to represent percentage increases, set the percentage indicator. If you do not set this indicator, the system assumes that it is dealing with a lump sum.
  6. Enter the axis descriptions: X-axis for appraisal and Y-axis for compa ratio definitions.
  7. Choose Continue.
  8. Enter the axis short and long texts, lower and upper limits in the following two screens.
  9. Choose Continue.
  10. Enter the percentage/lump sum amounts in the fields in the matrix itself.
  11. Save your entries


You have created a matrix that can be used by the Proposal Report to create proposed salary increases for employees.