Updating Basic Pay Record

Once you have created proposal records with the Proposal report, the final stage of implementing the salary raise is to update the employee’s basic pay record.


  1. Enter the transaction code PA99
    You will see the Release Report initial screen.
  2. Enter the relevant time period and personnel number selection.
    You will see a list screen of employees who have both Basic Pay (infotype 0008 subtype 0 and 1) records within the periods you specified in the report initial screen.
  3. Choose Perform update.
    The system will ask you if you want to create the records online or in batch.
  4. Select either batch or online processing.
  5. If you have selected batch processing, the system creates a batch file and you can create the Basic pay (Infotype 0008) subtype 00 records using the Batch administration.
    If you have selected online, you will see the Maintain master data screen.

  6. Save each screen as the system leads you through the infotype creation.


The new Basic pay (Infotype 0008 subtype 0) records are created and are ready to be read by the payroll.