Displaying Compa-Ratio Analysis

You may want to display an overview of employees’ individual compa ratiospayxx07e.doc005, to examine the distribution of remuneration in your company.


  1. Choose Information systems ® General report selection ® Goto ® General reporting
  2. Enter RPLCMPU1 in the program field.
  3. Choose Execute
    You will see the Compa Ratio Analysis report initial screen
  4. Enter the relevant time period and personnel number selection.
  5. Enter the pay scale group and pay scale level if required.
  6. Choose Execute.


The system displays a compa ratio analysis. This includes information on the employee’s job and the average annual salary, then details of the employee with his or her actual annual salary. The final column gives the compa ratio for each employee. You can select a line in the list screen to jump to the employee’s Basic Pay (infotype 0008) records.

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