BC SAP Database Administration: DB2 common server


SAP-Specific Administration Tool SAP-DB2admin

Includes an overview of the SAP-DB2admin architecture, an introduction to the ADM<SID> database and instructions about how to call SAP-DB2admin functions.


Contains graphics showing the R/3 directory structure for DB2 common server under UNIX and NT.


Provides a list of IBM database documentation.

Log Files

Explains the life cycle of a log files and describes the log file management tasks that can be accessed from the DB2 Control Center.


Describes how to reorganize a tablespace, how to reduce the size of a tablespace and how to rebalance a tablespace.


Introduces the update statistics and check for reorganization functions and describes the processes for reorganizing tables and enabling CCMS.


Explains the DB2 Control Center function for managing passwords.

Configuration Parameters

Includes information on environment variables (AIX) and registry parameters (NT), log file management parameters, database configuration parameters and DBM configuration parameters.


Includes information on log file management protocols, message documentation and information on tracing.

For more information on the IBM Universal Database, see also the IBM DB2 Documentation.