SAP-DB2admin Architecture

You are strongly recommended to use the DB2 Control Center (DB2CC) utility for administration tasks. To avoid inconsistencies, you are advised not to use the DB2 command line interface for administration commands unless otherwise stated.

We make these recommendations for the following reasons:

The following figure gives a general overview of the architecture of the enhancements for R/3 administration.

Architecture of the DB2 Control Center Enhancements for R/3

The following text gives an example of the operation of the DB2CC enhancements for R/3. The letters in parentheses refer to objects in the graphic shown above.

  1. In the DB2CC you click with the right mouse button on the object representing your R/3 database instance db2<sid> . The DB2CC fetches the available actions from the SAPDEF.DLL (B).
  2. The available actions are returned. These include SAP-DB2admin: Change Password. Select this action. Enter the password for the db2<sid> user (that is, the password on the DB2 server host) and confirm it by selecting Ok.
  3. Complete the Change Password dialog and confirm it by selecting Ok. The SAPACT.DLL (C) is called. This interfaces with the DB2admin Work & Feedback Manager (DWFM) (D).
  4. DWFM actually initiates the administration task using a stored procedure called SDDB6DAS (E). This is the DB2admin server. The server changes the password (by calling an executable program).
  5. Status information (either success or failure) is returned to the DB2CC. All activity is logged in the ADM<SID> database (F) and is mirrored to the R/3 <SID> (G) database on a regular basis. In addition, tables essential for the R/3 Computing Center Management System (CCMS) are updated.