Rebuilding the ADM<SID> Database

The program sddb6mir allows you to rebuild your administration database if necessary.

The program exports saved administration data from the <SID> database and imports it to ADM<SID>. sddb6mir will rebuild the complete database if necessary .


To ensure that the data that is retrieved is as current as possible, the administration data must be replicated to <SID> database regularly. The procedure for scheduling the 'mirroring' process for the administration database is described in the section CCMS Enablement.

sddb6mir calls the DB2 export and import APIs. Therefore, the requesting user must be <sapsid>adm .

PC/IXF is the format of choice for transferring the data between the two databases.

sddb6mir is located in the /usr/sap/<SID>/SYS/exe/run directory.


The syntax of sddb6mir is :

sddb6mir -r ADM<SID> -p <path>

"path" is the directory where the temporary files are created (as part of an export) or searched for (as part of an import). These temporary files are deleted after successful data transfer. Make sure that you have write authority for this path.

Examples of how to call sddb6mir :

This second example is applicable to Intel-based platforms only.


If any errors occur during rebuilding, you will find the following output files in the specified path:

Output File



The export message file of the exported table if export was not successful.


The import message file of the imported table action if import was not successful.


The result of the EXPORT action.