Editing the Configuration File for R/3 Database Detection


  1. To edit the configuration file, choose SAP-DB2admin: R/3 DB Detection in the Control Center.
  2. Select tab page Define R/3 Databases.
  3. Select an entry from the list of configuration file entries shown in the listbox on the right of the screen.
  4. The system enters the various components of the fully qualified name in the fields Host, Instance and Database. If Admin is selected, the SAP-DB2admin functions can be used on the database.

  5. You can now start editing the file. The following editing activities are possible:
  6. – Select Clear input to empty the entry fields so that you can make new entries.

    – Select Add to add a line to the configuration file containing the values in the entry fields.

    – Select Delete to delete a line from the configuration file.

    – Select Update to save the changes to a line in the list.

    Until you have selected Save or Save and close, any changes you have made in the entry screen are temporary and will be lost if you exit from the screen.

  7. To save your changes permanently, select Save or Save and close.

The configuration file is overwritten with the values in the list.

To discard any changes you made since calling the function or since the last time you saved (with Save), select Discard and close.

Your changes are discarded and you exit from the screen.