Managing Tapes


  1. To initialize tapes, choose SAP-DB2admin: Tape Management in the Control Center.
  2. In the Tape devices listbox, select the tape device you require. You can either select a tape device from the displayed list or enter the name of a new device.
  3. To see the contents of the tape directory of the selected tape device, select Show Tape Contents. If the Control Center is able to read the contents, the tape directory is displayed. (This feature is currently in development.)
  4. To specify a tape to be initialized, select a tape from the Tape names listbox or else enter the name yourself.
  5. Select Force or Soft according to the type of initialization you require. If you select Soft, the tape will not be overwritten if it contains data. If you select Force, the tape will be initialized irrespective of its contents.
  6. To trigger the initialization of the tape in the selected tape device, select Initialize tape.