CCMS Enablement


From Release 4.0A a DBA interface is provided that links external administration products to the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). This interface will allow you to monitor all external and internal database manipulation from within R/3. A new transaction (DB24) in CCMS provides overviews of database activities and their status. (This transaction is currently in development.)


To provide a complete overview of database activities, the activities logged in the ADM<SID> database have to be transferred to the <SID> database. In addition, all relevant administration data from ADM<SID> is stored in the R/3 database, meaning that a backup is available if required.

Process Flow

The process of transferring data relevant for administration to the R/3 database is called "mirroring". SAP recommends that you mirror the ADM<SID> database on a regular basis. Using transaction SM36, you are recommended to schedule the job ADMIN_MIRROR to run once an hour, specifying job class C and entering the name of the database host for Target host. This job calls an external program sddb6mir with the following parameters:


You should check the results of mirroring regularly by calling transaction SM37. If any errors occurred when the job ran, you should refer to the supplied job logs for information.