Users: Concepts

R/3 work processes connect to the database server first as the user <sapsid>adm and then as the user sapr3 . The connection information, that is the password, is provided as an encrypted string by a password service. The DB2 Control Center Managing Passwords function must be used to manage this password service.

Do not change the passwords of the users <sapsid>adm and sapr3 using operating system commands. The Managing Passwords function is the only way to ensure user and password consistency within the R/3 environment.

The environment variable (AIX)/registry variable (NT) DB2DB6EKEY is very important for password management. It must be kept synchronized on both application and database servers.

Problems Updating Passwords

For information on the valid return codes, see Messages. When investigating the cause of the error, start by checking the DB2DB6EKEY environment variable (AIX)/registry variable (NT) on the database server. In the case of NT, also check the DSCDB6HOME registry entry.