Managing Passwords


  1. To change the password of the user sapr3 or <sapsid>adm , choose SAP-DB2admin: Change Password in the Control Center.
  2. Select the user whose password you wish to change under Password to change.
  3. – To change the password for sapr3 , select sapr3.

    – To change the password for <sapsid>adm , select <sapsid>adm, where <sapsid> is replaced by the SAP system ID.

  4. Enter the new password for the user you have selected in the field New password.
  5. To ensure that you did not mistype the password, enter the new password a second time in the field Confirm password.
  6. You now have two options:

– To activate the password change, select Apply.

– To activate the password change and additionally exit from the Change Password screen, select OK.