Log File Management Protocols


For a description of the protocolled messages, see Messages.


DB2 user exit

Error messages are generated under certain conditions. They are protocolled in the SAP-DB2admin database and in a protocol file db2uext2.err .

The location of this file is indicated by the DIAGPATH database manager configuration parameter.

If tracing is enabled, then the trace file db2uext2.trc can also be found there.


Some protocol entries in the SAP-DB2admin database can be viewed using the journal page of the log file management notebook. In addition, there are protocol files on the database server. These protocol files are as follows:

In addition, the ADSM operations write an audit and an error log to the location indicated by the DIAGPATH database manager con figuration parameter. The file names are sddb6bnt.log and sddb6bnt.err .