Tracing is intended to be used only in exceptional circumstances (that is, when you are advised to use it by SAP support personnel).

Tracing can be enabled for the following SAP-DB2admin components:

With the exception of the DB2admin Work & Feedback Manager (DWFM), all tracing is dependent on environment (AIX) / registry(NT) variable settings for the DB2 server instance.

In the case of the DB2admin Work & Feedback Manager (DWFM), the trace is controlled by setting environment variables on the SAP-DB2admin client (where the DB2 control center is located).




set to any value: ON


not set at all: OFF


any path where db2<sid> has write






for (A): current directory


for (B): DBM parameter "DIAGPATH"


for (C): DBM parameter "DIAGPATH"


for (D): DBM parameter "DIAGPATH"


-1 (NONE) : trace disabled


0 (APP ) : application level info


1 (PROBE) : important probe info


2 (FUNC) : function internal info


3 (VAR ) : variable contents info


4 (CHAT) : very chatty/talkative


5 (DEV ) : development trace


The trace file names are:

for (A): sddb6wfm.trc

for (B): sddb6das.<timestamp>.trc

for (C): db2uext2.trc

for (D): sddb6lfa.trc (log file archiving)

sddb6lfr.trc (log file restoring)

sddb6lfm.trc (other log file management)