Installing DB2 Administration Utilities

The SAP-DB2admin utilities are an extension of the DB2 database software allowing you to carry out administrative tasks linked to an R/3 System. The SAP-DB2admin utilities are called from the DB2 Control Center. Consequently, they are installed after a DB2 Client Application Enabler installation. This text describes all the steps necessary to install the SAP-DB2admin GUI.

The installation steps described here can be carried out on any Windows NT or Windows 95 machine. The machine can be the database server or any machine connected by network to the administrating database server. If you have any questions on this, please contact your network or system administrator.

The following tasks must be carried out in the order specified on the same machine.

  1. Installation of the DB2 Client Application Enabler
  2. Installation of the R/3 GUI enhancements
  3. Cataloging of the databases to be administered