Installing the R/3 GUI Enhancements


To install the R/3 GUI Enhancements proceed as follows:

  1. Log on to the machine on which you want to install the administration tools.
  2. – If you are logging directly on to the database server, use db2<sapsid> .

    – If you are logging on to another computer, use db2admin .

  3. The DB2admin utilities are installed on the drive on which the DB2 database software was also installed. Make sure that at least 30 MB disk space is available.
  4. Insert the DB2 database software into the CD-ROM drive.
  5. Open a command window.
  6. Choose Start ® Programs ® Command prompt
  7. To switch to the CD ROM drive, enter:
  8. <CD_ROM_drive_letter>:

  9. To switch to the DB2admin utilities GUI directory, enter:
  10. cd \NT\I386\ADMIN

  11. To call installation program adminst.exe , enter:


The installation program outputs information about the progress of the installation to the screen. In addition, this information is stored in the db2admin.log file. This file is stored in the temporary directory (usually c:\temp ), which is specified by environment variable TEMP . This is set by the Windows NT/Windows 95 installation procedure. The installation program runs through the following steps. The result of each step is output.


Getting TEMP...


Opening log file C:\TEMP\db2admin.log...


Start of installation of DB2admin utilities GUI.

Determining DB2HOME...

found: C:\SQLLIB


Checking existence of directory C:\SQLLIB\bin...


Unpacking files from D:\db2admin\db6ai to C:\SQLLIB\bin with car...

Start log of car.


End log of car.


DB2admin utilities GUI successfully installed.

This completes installation of the DB2admin utilities GUI.