Purchasing is a component of the Materials Management (MM) System, and is responsible for the external procurement of materials and services.

The costs side of the purchasing procurement process is portrayed in the account assignment objects using different commitment categories.

Starting with the purchase requisition, a purchase requisition commitment is created. A purchase order is created from the purchase requisition as a result of the processing of quotations and requests for quotations (RFQs) in purchasing. On the commitment side, the creation of the purchase order leads to a new commitment category - the purchase order commitment. The purchase order commitment partially reduces the purchase requisition commitment (PReq commitment) by referencing to a purchase requisition.

The purchase order commitment is reduced in line with the goods and invoice receipts.

This section describes how the different purchasing transactions are displayed on the cost side as a commitment for an account assignment object.

We begin with some general information on:

Using an ( Example: Individual Purchase Order on an Order) we describe how: