Fast Entry of G/L Line Items

From the screen to enter a customer line item in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable menu, select Goto ® G/L fast entry to fast enter G/L account line items. On the next data entry screen, you can enter the following fields:

You can include or suppress certain fields from fast G/L entry by selecting Settings ® Editing options and creating a line layout variant for the fast entry screens. For example, the Project and Order fields may be displayed but not the Business area field.

Note that you are only required to enter data in the following fields for G/L account items:

When you select ENTER or the function Post, the system checks whether you have made all the necessary entries or whether you have entered unnecessary data. If your entries were not correct, it issues a message to this effect, and you can then correct your entries as necessary.

Within Editing options, you can make additional settings for document entry. See Setting Editing Options .