Variant Settings for Archiving Using MM_ACCTIT (CA)


When creating an archive file, you must enter an existing variant or create a new one. The variant contains the selection criteria for the Materials Management (MM) subsequent posting data that you want to archive.


General Selection Criteria

The selection criteria for the data that you want to archive are the company code, fiscal year, and period.

You can enter either individual values or value intervals as selection criteria.

The system only archives data that meets the selection criteria you enter in the variant.

Enter as many selection criteria as possible to reduce the processing time of the archiving program. It is recommended that you always enter the fiscal year.

Document Selection Criteria

You should enter document selection criteria if you want to subdivide your archives according to the document origin, document number, or posting date.

You can enter either individual values or value intervals as document selection criteria.

Processing Options

Technical Parameters

You have to enter the package size for the records that are archived (by choosing Access control). The package size determines the number of documents that are read for each database access.

The default package size is 10. You can change the package size to meet your own requirements.

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