Deletion Criteria for IDOC (CA-EDI)


The IDoc’s current status must be archivable; only then can it be archived and, subsequently, deleted from the database. The current status is part of the IDoc’s control record. Control records are stored in the database table EDIDC.

Certain IDoc statuses are supplied as archivable, others not. You can display or change this assignment.


From the IDoc initial screen (transaction WEDI), choose control ® status maintenance. In the table control which appears, choose and double-click the status you are interested in. Below on the details screen, you see if the status is archivable or not.

Choose Goto ® next entry or Goto ® previous entry (or the corresponding buttons) to display the next or previous status.

Choose Table View ® Display/Change to change entries. Note that this mode takes you back to the table control, where you have to choose your status again!