The MM_ACCTIT Archiving Object (CA)


The archiving object MM_ACCIT is used to archive Materials Management (MM) subsequent posting data.


Postings made in the Inventory Management (MM-IM) and Invoice Verification (MM-IV) application components update Accounting-relevant information in tables ACCTHD, ACCTIT, and ACCTCR.

Description of the tables ACCTHD, ACCTIT and ACCTCR




Accounting-relevant header information from MM postings


Accounting-relevant line item information from MM postings


Accounting-relevant currency information for each MM line item


The system accesses the data stored in tables ACCTHD, ACCTIT, and ACCTCR when MM data is transferred (via subsequent postings) to the following application components:

The above application components require the information stored in these tables to access detailed line item information that is not available in the source application.

Since tables ACCTHD, ACCTIT, and ACCTCR use a lot of database storage space, you should use archiving object MM_ACCTIT to archive the data stored in these tables to free extra storage space in your database.

To archive MM subsequent posting data, choose Tools ® Administration on the SAP R/3 System screen, and then Administration ® Data Archiving. You have to enter MM_ACCTIT in the Object name field. The archiving object determines which archiving functions can be performed from archive management.

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