Application Customizing (CO)


In addition to the basic customizing functions for archiving, you also need to specify the residence times for the write program and block sizes for the deletion program.


Residence Times for CO Line Item Archiving

The write program archives the CO line items for all objects for which you specify a residence time. It does not process CO line items for object types that you have explicitly excluded from archiving.

Interest is usually calculated on the basis of the line items of the previous four periods. You therefore should not archive data unless it is older than four periods.

Block Sizes for the Deletion Program

In addition to the values stored in the general settings for archiving under COMMIT counter (see Customizing Delete Program Settings), you can also specify how many CO line items should be processed per object type before the system executes a COMMIT WORK .


You can find the Customizing activities for archiving object CO_ITEM in the IMG under Controlling General ® Archiving ® Prepare archiving for CO line items.

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