Maintaining Application Customizing (CO)

Maintaining Residence Times for CO Line Items

  1. Choose New entries to enter new residence times for CO line items, or change the existing entries.
  2. Create at least one entry for each object type you want to archive. All other entries are optional and limit the selection.
  3. – For orders (except for sales orders), you can specify the order type as a subobject type.

    – If you would like to distinguish between objects in different controlling areas, enter the desired controlling area in the COAr column.

    – If you would like to distinguish between plan and actual line items, enter the desired abbreviation in the Val. type cat. column.

  4. To exclude individual lines from archiving, select the Do not archive column.
  5. You want to archive CO line items for orders, but not for the order type "FERT". To achieve this, you would have to enter the following:

    Archive line items for orders except for order type "FERT"


    Subobj. type


    Val.type cat.

    Do not archive








  6. Enter the number of residence periods for each line.
  7. Each CO line item will be archived when the specified number of posting periods have passed. This does not include special periods. Documents posted in special periods are assigned to the last period of the fiscal year.

    You have specified a residence time of 6 periods for cost objects (KTR). You archive your data in April 1998. If your fiscal year has 12 posting periods, the last period for which documents can be archived is September 1997.

    The 6 periods are October, November and December 1997, plus January, February and March 1998. Documents from October 1997 are not archived.

  8. If you only want to archive entire fiscal years, select the FYear complete column.
  9. In the above example, this would mean that no data from 1997 would be archived, since the months of October through December 1997 cannot be archived.

  10. Save your entries.

Block Sizes for the Deletion Program

  1. Choose New entries to enter new block sizes for CO line items, or change the existing entries.
  2. Make one entry for each object type that is archived by the write program.
  3. Specify how many objects (block size) the system should select before deleting. The value specified in the general archiving settings for the COMMIT counter is never exceeded.
  4. Specify a block size between 1 and 100. For cost centers it usually makes sense to specify a value between 1 and 10, while for orders you should specify a value between 50 and 100.

  5. Save your entries.