Archiving Overview (CO-OM-CCA)

In Cost Center Accounting, you can archive transaction data along with its associated cost center master data.

Data objects are archived using logical databases.

The following archiving objects are available for reorganizing data:

Archiving Objects in Cost Center Accounting


Archiving Object

Logical Database

Cost centers (all)



Cost centers (actual)



Cost centers (plan)



Cost centers (line items)



Completely cancelled allocations - assessment, distribution, periodic reposting, and indirect activity allocation




Logical databases were developed especially for archiving to delimit the archiving selection options. Each archiving object indicates how to find the logical database.

In Cost Center Accounting, no complete files are archived; only logical objects are archived. As a rule, all cost center data -- totals records, line items, and so on -- are calculated, archived, and deleted depending on the object definition and the selection criteria. Line items are exceptions: only the line items are deleted, and all other data remains in the database.

By archiving logical objects, the object relationships are preserved. In this way, later archive evaluation is simplified (note that this function is not supported at present).

The following default settings are defined for archiving in Cost Center Accounting:

These settings can be changed in Customizing for each archiving object. For more information, see Customizing: Overview .

  1. The number range settings for the Controlling documents are not reset.
  2. Reloading data into the database is not supported at this time.

You can read data from the archive using named databases. To do this, you copy sample programs and then modify the copies. Each archiving object indicates how to find the sample programs. Do not attempt to write your own reloading programs.