The CO_COSTCTR Archiving Object (CO-OM-CCA)

The CO_COSTCTR archiving object archives and deletes all Cost Center Accounting data by client, controlling area, and fiscal year.

Further delimitations, such as for a single cost center, are not possible.

If all data for a cost center is deleted, the archiving fiscal year is removed from the cost center’s validity interval because cost centers are time-dependent master data. Thereafter, the cost center is no longer available in that fiscal year, either as an account assignment object or as a planning object.

You should only archive cost center data when you no longer require the cost centers and their data for either postings or evaluations.

Note that you can no longer compare fiscal years data with archived fiscal year data.

Archiving Object Definition

Tables Used

To access the CRK logical database from Cost Center Accounting, choose Tools ® Archiving ® CCtr: All ® Object structure.

Selection Criteria

You can use the following selection criteria with the CO_COSTCTR archiving object: