The CO_CCTR_ID Archiving Object (CO-OM-CCA)

The CO_CCTR_ID archiving object archives and deletes all Cost Center Accounting actual data by client, controlling area, and fiscal year.

Further delimitation options include the version (cost center actual data in version 000 only) and the value type. These include Actual: Splitting to activity type; Actual; Actual: Correct CCtr internal business volume; and Statistical actual.

If you do not use planning functions, archiving actual data is equivalent to archiving all data, except that the validity interval of the cost center remains unchanged.

Archiving Object Definition

Tables Used

To access the CIK logical database from the Cost Center accounting menu, choose Tools ® Archiving ® CCtr: Actual ® Object structure.

Selection Criteria

You can use the following selection criteria for the CO_CCTR_ID archiving object:

You can set the following value types:

Further delimitations are not possible.