The CO_CCTR_PL Archiving Object (CO-OM-CC)

The CO_CCTR_PL archiving object archives and deletes all Cost Center Accounting plan data by client, controlling area, and fiscal year.

You can limit the selection to a single version or use multiple versions.

Further delimitations include the following value types:


The archiving object is meant to delete versions other than version 000 and that are no longer needed.

Version 000 may not be archived during the current fiscal year. This would make certain functions in actual and in evaluations impossible to execute.

Archiving Object Definition

Tables Used

To access the CPK logical database from the Cost Center Accounting menu, choose Tools ® Archiving ® CCtr: Plan ® Object structure.

Selection Criteria

You can use the following criteria for the CO_CCTR_PL archiving object:

You can set the following value types:

If the version is not given, no further selection delimitation is made.