The CO_ALLO_ST Archiving Object (CO-OM-CCA)

The CO_ALLO_ST archiving object archives and deletes all completely cancelled Cost Center Accounting allocations -- including assessment, distribution, periodic reposting, and indirect activity allocation -- by client, controlling area, and fiscal year level.

If the given allocations are repeated frequently, a large volume of data results. This is especially true for plan distribution. You can use the CO_ALLO_ST archiving object to clean out the data without harming the functions of the R/3 System.

If a complete cancellation document exists, the associated documents (original and cancellation) and document items are removed from the database.

The selection can be delimited to a single cycle or multiple cycles.

Archiving Object Definition

Tables Used

To access the SAK logical database, choose Tools ® Archiving ® CCtr: Ass/dist/etc ® Object structure from the Cost Center Accounting menu.

Selection Criteria

You can use the following selection criteria for the CO_ALLO_ST archiving object::

If fiscal year and cycle are not given, no further selection delimitation is made.