The CO_KABR Archiving Object (CO-OM-OPA


Settlement documents are archived independently from the relevant settlement senders with the CO KABR archiving objects. Settlement documents are created during settlement or during accrual calculation of documents for components in CO and FI.


The system ensures that the settlement documents are archived and deleted by period, starting with the earliest settlement period. This means that you must archive all or none of the documents for a settlement sender and a settlement period. Note also that the settlement documents for a settlement period are only archived if the settlement documents for the previous periods have already been settled or are being settled in this run.


Selection Criteria

You can use the following selection criteria for the CO_KABR archiving object.

Here, you can specify the object types for which you want to archive settlement documents.

Archiving settlement documents

Object type, settlement sender

Archived settlement documents


Settlement documents from settlement of sales orders (sales document items).


Settlement documents from settlement of internal orders.


Settlement documents from settlement of projects.


Settlement documents with posting dates after this date are not archived.

In addition to the selection conditions that you specify, the system also checks each document to ensure that its retention period has expired. For more information, see Checks for Internal Orders (CO-OM-OPA)

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