Archiving Material Cost Estimates (CO-PC-PCP)


You can remove costing results from the database for archiving purposes.


You can archive cost estimates independently of data in other archiving runs.


There are no application-specific settings in Customizing that need to be made to archive cost estimates. You can, however, set general values for archiving, such as the name, the path, and the size of the archive file in Customizing.

To archive cost estimates, you need a general authorization for archiving, and authorization for the K_KEKO archiving object with activity 06.

Depending on the system environment and the amount of data, you can archive approximately 13,000 cost estimates per hour. A cost estimate requires approximately 5,000 bytes, depending on the amount of data.


The following programs are available for archiving material cost estimates using the CO_COPC archiving object.

Allows you to display and analyze archived cost estimates.

Copies the specified cost estimates from the database into the archive and deletes these estimates from the database.

Creating Archive Files for Material Cost Estimates

Displays information on the material cost estimate archiving object.

Transfers the specified cost estimates from the archive to the database.

Reloading an Archive


To reach these programs, from the main R/3 System screen choose Logistics ® Production ® Product Cost Planning ® Tools ® Archiving ® Material cost estimate.

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