Archiving Object CO_COPC


CO_COPC is the archiving object for material cost estimates. It contains the following objects, if they were saved for a cost estimate:


When you archive a material cost estimate, these objects (except for the cost element itemization) are transferred from the database to the archive. The cost element itemization is deleted and not archived.

A standard cost estimate is used to set the standard price for valuating a material. To keep the data in your system consistent, standard cost estimates that are linked to the material master record (marked and released standard cost estimates) are not archived, they remain in the database.

You control the remaining check criteria when you define the variant.

When you reload a material cost estimate from the archive into the database, the above objects, except the cost element itemization, are transferred. A program to reconstruct the cost element itemization is being developed. Until then, use all the standard functions to analyze a material cost estimate.

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