Reloading Archived Data (CO-PC-PCP)

To reload archived material cost estimates back into the database:

  1. Choose Logistics ® Production ® Product cost planning ® Tools ® Archiving ® Material cost estimate ® Reload archive.
  2. Enter a variant.
  3. To display a list of available variants, choose Possible entries (F4).

    To create your own variant, choose Maintain.

    Creating a Variant for Reloading

  4. Define the archive selection.
  5. Enter the start date.
  6. Enter the spool parameters.
  7. Choose Execute.
  8. Choose Job overview.
  9. You see an overview displaying the status of the job.

    In this case, the job name is ARCHIVE_CO_COPC_REL.

  10. Place the cursor on the job name and choose Job log.