Creating a Variant for Reloading (CO-PC-PCP)

  1. Enter the name of the variant and press ENTER .
  2. Enter a company code.
  3. You can also enter the following selection criteria:
  4. – Plant

    The plant must be in the company code you specify.

    – Material

    – Low-level code

    This refers to cost estimates with a quantity structure.

    – Costing variant

    – Costing version

    – Dates between which a cost estimate becomes valid

    – Dates between which a cost estimate ceases to be valid

    You can accept or overwrite the proposals for the Interval for validity from and Interval for validity to functions. The dates must all be in the past (that is, before the date on which the program is to be carried out).

  5. Specify which cost estimates you want to reload.
  6. Choose Continue.
  7. Enter a name for the variant so that you can identify it later.
  8. Specify whether the program is only to run in the background.
  9. If you are reloading a large number of material cost estimates, reload in the background.

  10. Save your variant.