Archiving in Reference and Simulation Costing (CO-PC-PCP)


You can archive the results of Reference and Simulation Costing and delete them from the database.


You can archive base planning objects independently of data in other archiving runs.


There are no specific Customizing settings you need to make in order to archive base planning objects. You can, however, set general values for archiving, such as the name, the path, and the size of the archive file in Customizing.

Depending on the amount of data, each cost estimate (excluding costing items) requires approximately 2,200 bytes of storage. Each item requires an additional 750 bytes. Long texts require additional storage, depending on the length of the text.

You can archive a base planning object 30 days after the last change. You can see the date of the last change in the History of the individual cost estimate.

Before a base planning object can be deleted, the Deletion flag indicator must be set in the base object master data.

To archive base planning objects, you need general authorization for archiving and authorization for the CO_BASEOBJ archiving object..


The following programs are available to archive base planning objects with the CO_BASEOBJ archiving object:

This program copies base planning objects from the database into the archive and deletes them from the database if specified.

Creating Archive Files for Reference and Simulation Cost Estimates

This program displays information on the base planning object archiving object.

This program allows you to display archived base object cost estimates.


To reach these programs, choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product cost planning ® Tools ® Archiving ® Base planning objects.

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