Creating Archive Files for Reference and Simulation Cost Estimates (CO-PC-PCP)

To copy base object cost estimates to the archive and delete them from the database:

  1. Choose Accounting ® Controlling ® Product cost planning ® Tools ® Archiving ® Base planning objects ® Write archive.
  2. Enter a variant.
  3. The variant contains the criteria that the system uses to select base planning object for archiving. These criteria are the controlling area and the name of the base planning object.

    The variants also indicate whether:

    – The program is a test run or an update run (Test run)

    – Data is only archived. It is not deleted from the database (Archive)

    – Data is archived and deleted from the database (Archive and delete)

    To display a list of available variants, choose Possible entries (F4).

    To create your own variant, choose Maintain.

  4. Enter the start date.
  5. Enter the spool parameters.
  6. Choose Execute.
  7. Choose Job overview.
  8. The system displays the status of the jobs.

    In this case the job names are:

    – ARCHIVE_CO_BASEOBJ_DEL (deleting from the data base)

    – ARCHIVE_CO_BASEOBJ_WRI (writing to the archive)

  9. Place the cursor on the relevant job name and choose Job log.