Deleting Data (CO-PA)

If you want to archive your data without deleting it from the database, you need to execute the deletion program in a separate step.


To execute the deletion program, proceed as follows:

  1. On the initial screen of the archiving transaction, choose Delete. The system displays the Archive Administration: Deletion Program screen.
  2. Note that predefined variants exist for both the test and production runs. You can maintain these variants by choosing Environment ® Customizing.
  3. If you want to run the deletion program in the test mode, select the Deletion program in test mode field. In this case the system uses the variant that was defined in Customizing (Environment ® Customizing) in the Test run variant field under Settings for the deletion program. In the test mode, no table entries are deleted. Otherwise the system uses the variant that was entered under Prod. run variant.
  4. Choose Archive selection to determine which data should be deleted.
  5. Choose Start date to determine when the job should run.
  6. Choose Spool parameters to determine how the deletion log should be managed.
  7. For further details about spool management, see the section Printing in the documentation Introduction to the R/3 System. You can find this documentation in the R/3 Library under Working With the R/3 System.

  8. Choose Create job to create the job with the settings you have made.

By choosing Goto ® Job overview, you can display a list of all the jobs that exist for this archiving program. For more information about background jobs, see the online documentation Computer Center Management System unter Background Processing ® Scheduling Background Jobs. You can find this documentation in the R/3 Library under Basis ® System Administration.