Reloading Archived Data (CO-PA)

You can reload archive files back into the databse. If you do so, however, SAP cannot ensure that your data will be entirely consistent. You therefore need to make sure no postings were made for the time interval that you want to reload.

No data may be reloaded if the current numbers of the number range objects involved (COPA_IST and COPA_PLAN for costing-based Profitability Analysis and RK_BELEG for account-based Profitability Analysis) have been reset.


To reload an archive file, proceed as follows:

  1. On the initial screen of the archiving transaction, choose Reload. The system displays the Archive Administration: Reload Archive screen.
  2. Choose Possible entries to select the variant with which you want to execute the reload program. If no variants exist, you can create one by choosing Maintain.
  3. If you select the Test run field, no data will be inserted into the tables.

  4. Choose Archive selection to determine which data should be reloaded.
  5. Choose Start date to determine when the job should run.
  6. Choose Spool parameters to determine how the reload log should be managed.
  7. For further details about spool management, see the section Printing in the documentation Introduction to the R/3 System. You can find this documentation in the R/3 Library under Working With the R/3 System.

  8. Choose Create job to create the job with the settings you have made.

By choosing Goto ® Job overview, you can display a list of all the jobs that exist for this archiving program. For more information about background jobs, see the online documentation Computer Center Management System unter Background Processing ® Scheduling Background Jobs. You can find this documentation in the R/3 Library under Basis ® System Administration.