Report/Report Interface


The report/report interface lets you connect information contained in several separate reports by sending the data in one report to be used as selection criteria in other reports. It also makes it possible to split a complex report into smaller reports and navigate between these.

For detailed information about the report/report interface, see Overview: Report/Report Interface.


Before you can navigate using the report/report interface, your report must be assigned to another report or other reports. You can make this Report Assignment as well as split a report when you define it.



Menu or Hotspot


Calling up a report

Goto ® Call up report

With this function you can call up any report that has been assigned to the current report.

To call up another report, position the cursor on the row of the current report which you want to use as parameters for the new report. If the system requires additional parameters for the new report, it displays a dialog box asking you to enter these. The further you have navigated through your report, the more parameters are transferred automatically. If all the mandatory parameters can be transferred automatically, the system does not display the dialog box.

The more parameters you specify, the less data the system needs to read when calling up the report. This can lead to improved response times.


Goto ® History

When you choose this function, the system displays a dialog box listing all the reports you have called up thus far since executing the initial report. This is useful, for example, if you want to return to the initial report.

The menu paths in your application may differ from those shown above. For details, see the documentation for your application.