Creating a Form

You can create a form by choosing Environment ® Create form from the application, or in Customizing under Information system ® Form ® Create form. You need to specify the type of form and enter a new name. If you want to create a form that yields fully formatted detail lists, you need to choose the form type Two axes (matrix).

Basic Screen

The function Basic screen takes you to an empty list. When you press Continue, the system jumps to the next screen and displays an empty list structure of either four rows, four columns, or four rows and four columns, depending on the type of form you are creating. All definable fields on the screen are referred to as "elements". Every row, every column and every individual cell is an element of the form.


You can define each row, column or cell of a form individually. To do so, position the cursor on the element you want to process, and then choose Edit ® Element ® Define element... You can also define an element simply by double-clicking on that element. In a series of dialog boxes, you can then specify the essential information for the content of the element.

You can define elements anywhere on the form except where defined elements already exist. To add a new element, position the cursor between two defined elements or in the free space to the right or below, and choose Edit ® Element ® Insert element or simply double-click where you want to insert the element.

You cannot define a cell until you have defined the corresponding row and column. Specially defined cells are indicated as such with symbols.

For information about processing rows, columns and cells, see Define Element.

If you want a characteristic (or a single characteristic value) to apply to all the rows and columns of the form, you can define this in one step in the General data selection. Defining such characteristics in the general data selection also leads to improved system response times.

See also General Data Selection.

For application-specific examples of how to define a form, see: