Variables for Formulas

If you want use variables in the formulas of a form, you need to use formula variables. You can use formula variables only in form reports, and must define them in the form itself. They can be replaced in the same ways as text variables when you execute the report.

Formula variables make it easy for you to simulate and project data.

Using variables for formulas

To use a formula variable in a form, call up the formula editor when you define the relevant element, and enter the variable there.

Global variables need to be defined in Customizing before you can use them in formulas. Using the pushbutton Switch text, you can display all the possible components of a formula. To maintain global variables, see Overview: Variables.

For local variables, you need to enter &$ followed by a suitable name. Once you have entered the name, you need to maintain the local variable under the menu option Extras ® Variables ® Text ® Maintain variable.

For a detailed example of how to use formula variables, see Example: Use of Variables.