Editing a Form


Menu path


Create form

Form ® Create

You create forms to define the basic structure of rows and columns for a complex report. You can use the same form in any number of reports. For detailed documentation on this function, see Creating a Form.

Change form

Form ® Change

When you change a form, you automatically also change all the reports that are based on that form. When deciding whether or not to change a form, observe the following:

  • If you want to change the layout for all these reports, go ahead and change the form.
  • If you do not want to change all the reports that use the form, you should create a new form. You can do this most easily by copying the existing form.

The following settings are not affected by any changes you make to the form:

  • number formats defined in the reports which use this form (see Number Format).
  • the row and column sort orders defined in the reports

If these reports cannot automatically adapt to the new form structure, the system displays a warning telling you so.

Check form

Form ® Check

This function lets you check whether all the necessary components have been defined.

Displaying a form

Form ® Display

This function lets you display all the information pertaining to the definition of a form. If you wish to change the form from this transaction, choose the Display <-> Change button. To create a report from here, choose Environment ® Create report.

The menu paths in your application may differ from those shown above. For details, see the documentation for your application.

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