Replacing Variables

For basic reports, the system always asks you to specify the same variables (such as Period from/to). However, these variables differ from application to application. You can make an entry either here or when you execute the report.

For form reports, the system displays those fields which were defined using variables in the form for this report. These fields appear in the order defined under Extras ® Variables ® Sort in the form definition. If the form definition contains no variables or only those which will be replaced automatically, the system does not display this screen. But if, for example, the field C ustomer group was defined with a variable, you can decide here which customer group you want to create the report for.

When you define the report, you can decide for each variable whether users can specify them when executing the report by selecting the field Entry when executing. If at least one variable can be entered manually, the system displays a dialog box when you execute the report. There you can enter values for the variables or changes the defaults defined in the report definition.

If you do not select the field Entry when executing for any variables, the system immediately executes the report and displays the resulting list.

The next step in defining your report is to choose the characteristics. For more information, see Choosing Characteristics.

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